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სალემი სეზონი 3 / Salem 3 Салем / Salem 3

სალემი სეზონი 3 / Salem 3 2016 სეზონი 3, სერია 10
  • გახმოვანება: რუსული
  • რეჟისორი: Richard Shepard
  • მსახიობები: Shane West, Janet Montgomery, Ezhur Dawn, Morgana Shaw, Diane Salinger, Seth Gable, Xander Berkeley, Ashley Madekwe, Elise Eberly

ფილმი სალემი სეზონი 3 / Salem 3 აღწერა

Salem is a city from which once a brave soldier left on the battlefield. And that's when he served his own, and he has no idea what awaits him in his town. On his return from the war, he finds Salem in a difficult time, because the city is threatened with the most real ... "Witches"? What happened during the absence and if the hero can interfere in the course of events?online filmebi
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