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ხერხი 2 / xerxi 2 (Saw II online)

ხერხი 2 / xerxi 2 (Saw II online) 2005

    Пила 2 / Saw II

  • წელი, ქვეყანა: 2005, აშშ
  • ჟანრი: ფილმები
  • გახმოვანება: რუსული
  • რეჟისორი: Darren Lynn Bousman
  • მსახიობები: Tobin Bell, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Frankie J, Beverley Mitchell, Tim Byrd, Dina Meyer Shawnee Smith, Glenn Plummer, Eric Knudsen
ფილმის აღწერა
During the investigation, another mysterious murder, Detective Eric Matthews comes up with the idea, which does not give him no rest. Murder, like the case of the maniac hands nicknamed "Saw", which managed to escape, leaving behind dozens of victims. Soon, Matthews fears are confirmed ... Saw again take up the old, but now, he locks for eight people in the room of death. Eight random people who have become hostages of crazy fantasies, forced to play with him in a deadly game, losing in which risk losing a life ...
ფილმი "ხერხი 2 / xerxi 2 (Saw II online)"