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ფილმი ჭადრაკი / chadraki (Shatranj online) ონლაინ

ჭადრაკი / chadraki (Shatranj online)

ფილმის აღწერა

The protagonist of the painting "Chess" Dharamradzh, one of three brothers who are engaged in the garage repairing machines. In addition, he has a favorite car and a little monkey. Dharamradzh so loves his car and his business, he did not even think about women. Moreover, he even forbade the brothers to think about them, much less about marriage. But would a normal man can resist the beautiful flight attendant?
იფილმები "ჭადრაკი / chadraki (Shatranj online)" ონლაინ მაღალ ხარისხში

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