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ფილმი შვიდი წამი / shvidi wami (7 Seconds online) ონლაინ

შვიდი წამი / shvidi wami (7 Seconds online)

ფილმის აღწერა

For John Tallivera, it was not a problem to enter any door, crack the most complicated lock. He is a thief-class, any alarm he immediately knew how to calculate and to get around. For he did all his "labor" activities of a single mistake, until that fateful day. He managed to steal a picture of the famous painter, which costs a lot of money.
But then dumped him in trouble, because this painting he stole her friend. And it is for him more and workmate, a ransom for the girl - the mafia demands to return the painting. John is ready to return the painting to gangsters, but he knows exactly what this band is the principle - not to leave witnesses alive. And then John was born a brilliant plan to save the price of life will depend on exactly how he will fulfill his plan, he had to meet in seven seconds.
იფილმები "შვიდი წამი / shvidi wami (7 Seconds online)" ონლაინ მაღალ ხარისხში

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