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ფილმი სიკვდილთან თამაში / sikvdiltan tamashi (Baazigar online) ონლაინ

სიკვდილთან თამაში / sikvdiltan tamashi (Baazigar online)

ფილმის აღწერა

Father Ajay betrayed by his companion. Those fake some documents, a businessman ruined, after which the father could not stand Ajay dies of heart attack. Year after year, Ajay lives with only one thought in my head: as soon as possible the offender to avenge his father, because he died and they lost everything. And Ajay comes up with a plan of revenge. He meets the daughter of the very companion, and she falls in love with him ...
იფილმები "სიკვდილთან თამაში / sikvdiltan tamashi (Baazigar online)" ონლაინ მაღალ ხარისხში

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